Voxare Meets the Man with a Movie Camera

This landmark project marries Dziga Vertov's 1929 silent masterpiece, The Man with a Movie Camera, with Voxare's ingenuity, musical prowess, and aesthetic sensibilities to create an unforgettable experience unique to the music world.

Project Creation : Narrative as an Expression of Music

Voxare Meets The Man with a Movie Camera, is the the result of a painstaking process undertaken by the quartet over a number of months.  The idea of accompanying a silent film is one that we had had for some time.  The ultimate product of our intensive work was the result of a series of numerous decisions that dictated our next steps.   Here's how the project came to be.

1)  The first large decision was whether to use a newly composed score or to use pre-existing music.  Ultimately we decided that using pre-existing music would be the more compelling, unique, and challenging option.  Little did we know just how challenging our choice would make the project.

With rustic melodies made edgy through piquant harmonies, and in passages of turbulent mechanical chugging, the music neatly corresponded to Vertov’s jumpy barrage of images. The members of the quartet, seated in darkness to one side of the stage, played with precision and passion.
— New York Times

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Presenters: Frequently Asked Questions 

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