For Presenters (AKA: Frequently Asked Questions)

Because “Voxare Meets the Man with a Movie Camera” is such a unique project, we’re often asked about how the performance works, the performance day schedule, and the technical requirements for presenting the project. The good news is that it’s easy and will thrill audiences!


Set Up:

  • The string quartet sits off to one side of the stage, in front of the surface onto which the movie is projected.
  • The lights are dimmed to the darkest setting (or turned off). The string quartet members use stand lights to see music on the stand.
  • Running time of the movie is 76 minutes.


Technical Requirements:

The technical requirements are minimal and easy to obtain and operate:

  1. DVD player or computer with connection to...
  2. Projector
  3. Projector operator- not as scary as it sounds! Basically, someone needs to start the movie and stop it when we’ve finished.
  4. A projection screen is preferred as a projecting surface. However, a smooth wall or even a white curtain can work.


Post-Concert Discussion:

After the concert, the quartet may return to the state to participate in a discussion with the audience about the project. Because of the uniqueness of the project, the powerful and visually stimulating nature of the film, the historical connection between the film and the selected music, and Voxare’s connection to the project, the audience is always enthusiastic to learn about the project and ask question of the quartet. While a moderator to spur discussion is great, the quartet can self-moderate if preferred.


Other Points:

Vertov’s film, The Man with a Movie Camera, is in the public domain.